Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy


      To assess sleep patterns and prevalence of sleep disturbances during pregnancy.


      Cross-sectional design; prospective questionnaire.


      Outpatient, private obstetric clinic.


      127 consecutive patients, with women evaluated at one of four points in pregnancy, 8–12 weeks (n=37), 18–22 weeks (n=28), 25–28 weeks (n=24), and 35–38 weeks (n=38).

      Main Outcome Measure

      Questionnaire of sleep habits and sleep disturbances.


      A large percentage of the women experienced sleep disturbances during pregnancy, These problems included frequent night wakings, difficulty falling asleep, and symptoms of sleep apnea. Few differences in sleep patterns were found across pregnancy, although women were found to sleep more and nap more by the end of pregnancy.


      Sleep disturbances are common during pregnancy, especially late in pregnancy.


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